Moby, Me & the STIFFy we are about to recieve

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“Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter” will be screening twice during the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

Jewel Box Theatre (at the Rendezvous) Saturday, June 7th @ 4PM
Capitol Hill Arts Center (CHAC) Wednesday, June 11th @ 7PM

More info here

GMGS will screen both times with the feature length documentary “Frank & Cindy.” From the synopsis published in the STIFF program, this sounds like an interesting film:

When Cindy married a rock star, Frank, in 1983 she imagined a life of glamour and GRAMMYS. But the song that propelled Frank to fame -Whirly Girl- would be the only chart-topper from his group, OXO. Years later, out of shape and nearly bankrupt after spending all his money on -gas, food, dry cleaning… and drugs- Frank is not the vision Cindy married. And now, twenty-three years after appearing on American Bandstand, Frank lives sequestered to the basement where he uses coffee cans for a toilet. Cindy’s filmmaker son, GJ, begins documenting the situation. After a year of filming, what began as an attempt to mock his step-father instead creates a candid portrait on the pursuit of happiness.

Moby will also play the festival. Yes, Moby, the DJ. That guy. Him. Sort of a big deal around here. Yup, he’ll be doing a live set June 8th in the evening.

See you soon.


Oh and yes, “Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter” won the Highest Fidelity award.

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