Going to Washougal. Twice.

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lenne-laughingGood news, both of my short films, “Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter” and “A Night in the Sunlight” are headed to southern Washington for the fist ever Washougal International Film Festival.

Also known as the “crossroads to discovery,” Washougal is a quiet community on the banks of the Columbia, just a short drive from Portland, Oregon; this year is also the town’s 100th anniversary. The festival itself will take place between August 20-23. The screenings will be right in the center of old town, in the new Washougal Town Center — both inside and outside in the courtyard. Any overflow will go to Washougal High School.

Winning filmmakers will be honored with the Mayor’s Medal and prizes in respective categories at the closing night awards ceremony. Films will be valued on merits such as creativity, ingenuity, story, attention to detail, and the ability to challenge and inspire audiences.

More information on the Washougal International Film Festival here.

Be well. Do good work. Keep in touch.


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