Truth or “Dishonesty”?

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In August of 2009, I helped my friends Tim and Charlie produce a short film called “Dishonesty,” the script for which was a finalist for the 2008 IFP Spotlight Award. Although they didn’t ultimately win the award, they decided to make the movie regardless. Good for them. No one likes a quitter. Except for the quitter’s mom… and even she’s not too happy about it.

The film follows a young married couple as they struggle to be perfectly honest with one another, even over the little stuff. Some call it a comedy, some call it a sad, melancholic commentary on married life. I play the husband. My friend Ty Migota was the Director of Photography; the wonderful actress Esra Chelen played the lead.

The film makes its world premier on Sunday May 23 4PM at the SIFF Cinema.

More information and a link to tickets by clicking these blue letters right here.

Although I won’t be signing autographs, I will be kissing babies and bearing skin for photo ops.

It would be lovely to see you there.

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