I Won the Lottery, the Acting Lottery!

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Let me preempt two obvious questions about this video with two easy answers: yes, those are real pigeons and yes, the fat guy driving the Malibu (that looks to the untrained eye like an El Camino) is me, Shawn Telford.

At the end of 2010, I was cast in a Washington State Lottery commercial that was filmed on the Olympic peninsula in a small town called Sequim, pronounced ‘Squim.’ Here I would like to point out that ‘Squim’ is not the the best named city in Washington state, that award goes to Tillicum, pronounced ‘Till I cum.”


We began shooting this lottery commercial super early in the morning, which meant I had to take the first ferry out of downtown Seattle at something like 5 in the morning… yeah, I know, that’s like the butt-crack of dawn and I’m heading deep into teen-vampire territory… Needless to say, I had an advanced copy of the Cave Singers’ album “No Witch” to keep me company. As I drove off the ferry, I turned up my car stereo and let the album fill my ears as I drifted through the dark morning following a trail of commuter tail-lights deeper into rural Washington, which, as it turned out, happened to be the perfect introduction to the Cave Singers’ new album. In fact, my preview/ interview of the album/ band can be seen here. 

During the day we filmed, I must have parked that car 20 or 30 times. At one point early on in the day, the 1st AD turned to me and said, wow, you’re a good parker. Not only did he look relieved but he also looked grateful. As if it hadn’t occurred to him or anyone else how important parking ability would be to not only this role but for this whole commercial. In fact, not once throughout the entire audition process did anyone ask me if I could parallel park let alone drive a car. Well, the truth is, I can do both. And I did. All day long. That and put a tarp over the car, which I must have done 50 times.

But, don’t believe me, see for yourself. And buy a lottery ticket.

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