BFE in the C-A-N

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We got this.

After working a blitzkrieg of eight straight 12-hour days, sandwiched between many sleepless nights, it’s fair to say that everyone involved in BFE took the next two weeks to recover. Myself especially.

It’s now safe to say that we’ve got this one… IN THE CAN!

That’s very good news.

Now for the bad news.

Ha, ha, there is no bad news.

Now that we’ve recovered, it’s time to once again begin the tireless work of working on the movie. Although here’s a little secret, we’ve already synched the audio files to the video files so that we can watch all the pieces of the movie with sound and make decisions as to which pieces can and will go in the final version of the film. And we’ve transcoded the raw files into the appropriate files to be edited. So, everything needed for the next stage of the filmmaking process is ready to go.

By the way, that process is called post-production and that includes such tasks as editing the film, adjusting the color, massaging the audio, rerecording some dialogue, adding music, adding sound effects and much, much more.

To put it in football terms… it’s fourth quarter, first down and BFE is on it’s own 10 yard line. Now they’ve got to move the ball to the other end of the field, or at least within field goal range! And score a touchdown.

It all comes down to this!


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