BFE comes home to Seattle

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that my debut feature film BFE will have it’s West Coast premier at the 40th Annual Seattle International Film Festival, where they’re already calling it ‘a stunning debut.’

I, for one, am beside myself and can’t wait to share this film with my hometown and filmmaking community.

Be forewarned, however, as BFE will screen only twice during the whole festival. Both screenings at the historic Harvard Exit on Capital Hill.

Monday June 2, 9:00PM
Tuesday June 3, 4:00PM

If you plan on attending, please purchase tickets in advance. You can do so here. SIFF screenings have been known to sell out.

I leave you with the festival’s recap of the film, which they describe in this way:

“In his debut feature, Seattle filmmaker Shawn Telford examines the helpless existence of four different individuals living in a small town dominated by drugs and brutality, and their lasting desire to mold their lives into something more meaningful. In an attempt to escape the reality of his failing health, we get to know Grampa (Wally Dalton), who, with his grandson Ian, embarks on an adventure full of shady deals and risk taking. Along the way, they encounter several friends—some new and some old—who are each grappling with bad decisions and with the relentless monotony that comes from living in an insular small town. One of those friends is Ellie, a troubled teenager searching for love and salvation in her relationship with Zack, a young romantic whose future hinges on how he reacts to temptation. While Ellie, Zack, Grampa, Ian and their comrades have all had very different life experiences, they still have one distinct commonality: They all need to get out of BFE.”

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