Hailed as both excessively ordinary and highly original, Shawn is often told he resembles various celebrities (Alec Baldwin, Jason Giambi, Zach Galifianakis) and is often mistaken for anyone but himself. This is almost nearly but not quite hardly the story of his life.

Shawn is currently from a small town in north Idaho, though his redneck roots stretch all the way back to Kentucky. This explains both everything and nothing about this young man whom many credit with being weird before being weird was cool.

Growing up, he was both blessed and cursed to live so deeply in the woods that the TV reception only got one channel. A blessing because he couldn’t watch much TV. A curse because the only TV he could watch was really bad TV. And he watched a lot of it. Afterall, it was all that was on TV. Literally. We’re talking shows like Gilligan’s Island, the Jestsons, the Flintstones, Who’s the Boss? and Home Improvement. Anything with a laugh-track, and yes, that includes World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.*

Needless to say, Shawn’s peculiar background and outright need for self-entertainment has made him one of the funniest, most outgoing, interesting and unique people he knows. Naturally, he brings this side of himself as well as everything attached to the rest of himself to every project he works on be it acting, directing, writing, casting, teaching, tutoring, heckling or creative problem-solving.

Shawn Telford. He’s like a general contractor for all things creative. He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you cry. He’ll make you wish you wore more hats.

*trivia: all on the ABC network.