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Shawn Gets Branded

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Shawn Telford is now a brand. The video really says it all. And more. A whole lot more.

Shawn Telford Finally Got Some Leverage!

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This SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!! Yours truly will be making a special appearance on the show “Leverage.” It’s the one that stars Academy Award Winning Actor Timothy Hutton. (Best Supporting Actor for the 1980 film “Ordinary People.”) I’ve got a great little comic scene with another of the show’s stars Gina Bellman who some may remember […]

Come on down to the Yankee Tavern

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For the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working at Seattle’s ACT Theater, an experience that, in all honesty, is like coming home. It’s my third play at this wonderful theater and my first with writer/director Steven Dietz, yes, that Steven Dietz, who, in addition to being a terrific and articulate playwright, also happens […]

Truth or “Dishonesty”?

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In August of 2009, I helped my friends Tim and Charlie produce a short film called “Dishonesty,” the script for which was a finalist for the 2008 IFP Spotlight Award. Although they didn’t ultimately win the award, they decided to make the movie regardless. Good for them. No one likes a quitter. Except for the […]

The Jeff Harvey Auto Sales Adventure

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In March of this year, I partnered with my friends Ty Migota, a cinematographer with a keen eye, and Amy Enser, an up and coming editor with as much skill as patience… to make a series of videos for a used car lot in Louisville, Kentucky. Why or how Louisville, Kentucky? Well, suffice it to […]

Visqueen Captured Live!

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Visqueen’s “Ward” from Shawn Telford on Vimeo. One night last year, Ty, Nick and I filmed the Seattle band Visqueen at the Crocodile Cafe. Amy put it together and voila! Music video culled from concert footage!

Get Some!

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Some friends and I made a video for an AT&T commercial competition. Though we didn’t win the contest’s grand prize, we know in our hearts that we are, in fact, winners! a link to The Smartest Man in the World

Zombies Invade Idaho

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Lakedance, the Sundance of Idaho. On Halloween night, “Safe Passage” will play just before a special screening of George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic “Night of the Living Dead.” They’re calling it “Horrors on the Lake” and they’re absolutely right! How’s that for a trick-r-treat? So, come on all you Spokanites, all you Post Fallsters, […]

High Desert Shorts International Film Fest

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Ever heard of Pahrump, Nevada? Nevermind the fine dining and the quiet country atmosphere less than an hour outside of Vegas, this little town with a funny name is a spectacular mix of deserts and mountains with a wealth of outdoor recreational activities including hiking, biking, camping, exploring, golfing, hunting, skiing and horseback riding. Considered […]

Safe Passage Trailer

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Editor Tony Tibbetts put together a trailer as we send our beloved little film out of the nest and into the world. Enjoy.