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“Safe Passage” goes to 1-Reel

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Bumbershoot is fast approaching and for the third year in a row, I’ve got a film playing 1-Reel. That film is of course “Safe Passage” featuring my friends Khanh Doan, Rob Manning and one of the finest actors of my generation Francile Albright.

The Safe Passage Going Away Party

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As you may know, this year my friends and I had the honor of making a Fly Film for the the Seattle International Film Festival. Our film was completed in April, screened twice during the festival then once at Rawstock. In case you missed those, it’ll play again at Bumbershoot Sunday the 6th of September […]

“Safe Passage” & Rawstock V

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After a successful two screenings at the Seattle International Film Festival, my third film “Safe Passage” will screen July 25th at Rawstock V. Our little film that could is meeting the little festival that could. Now in its fifth year, Rawstock continues to support the local film community by programming local films. They’re also getting […]

Safe Passage posters

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My good friend Seth McOmber is also a self-employed graphic designer. I asked him to come up with some possible designs for the “Safe Passage” poster. Here are three of his best ideas:

“Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter” invited back to SF.

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I met Josh Lowman when GMGS screened at the SF Indie Fest. Funny and somehow memorable, the film stayed with Josh and when we was looking for more comedic shorts to round out his self-produced mini-festival, “Shorts and Rock” he thought of me. If you’re in San Fran around June 19th at the Rickshaw Stop, […]

“Safe Passage” World Premier

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This year the Seattle International Film Festival asked myself and two other Seattle-based narrative filmmakers to be a part of the Fly Filmmaking Challenge. Also known as the Fly Films, the challenge supplies the filmmakers with in-kind donations of goods and services that also includes a script, a genre, 7 rolls of film and a […]

Hitting the boards at the Seattle Repertory Theater

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There’s people that do this for a living and they’re much more clever than I am, so here’s their words: “In this darkly compelling recent Broadway hit, four Irish friends gather for a card game with devilishly high stakes.” Still not hooked? Perhaps, the longer version: “In a forgotten corner of Northern Dublin, four old […]

Lick a Ninja

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Some of my best ideas are born in bars. Such is the case for the Doritos Superbowl contest this year. The only problem was that our idea was too good. Or maybe too long. Chopping it down to the required :30 proved to be quite difficult, so we recut it… as a two-minute short. This […]

Now on Facebook!!!

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Friends, I hate to say it but I’ve done it again. I’ve got involved with another social networking site. This time it’s Facebook. I blame Fran. She’s been bugging me to get with it. So I did. Now, it seems, I’m hardly ever over here managing, updating, obsessing over the official Shawn Telford dot com […]

Sunlight Takes a Lap at Lakedance

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My second film “A Night in the Sunlight” is playing three weeks in a row beginning at the Washougal International Film Festival, followed by 1-Reel Film Festival, then finally the 2008 Schweitzer Lakedance Film Festival, September 7-14th.