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I can hardly believe it. We are picking up some steam, ladies and gentlemen. Headed into the middle of America with this, dare I say, great American film…

(I can say this because audiences have described BFE during talkbacks in this same way, which is, of course, very flattering!)

Needless to say, we’re very happy to have BFE at the 2014 Ohio Independent Film Festival.

European Vacation — BFE Style!

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European invasion!

European invasion!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am thrilled to announce that my debut feature film BFE will be making its European debut at the American Film Festival in Wroclaw, Poland where it will compete in the Spectrum section. AFF describes these films as “a panorama of contemporary American cinema, new feature films: ‘middle cinema’, films by renowned filmmakers, new talents, interesting phenomena.

This competition section features a panorama of today’s American films, the best films from cinema’s new faces, intriguing discoveries and up-and-coming acting talents. Twenty films – an AFF record – will vie for the Festival Prize. In competition films include Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child, a bold and provocative abortion comedy starring the fab Jenny Slate, Megan Griffiths’ Lucky Them, an excellent blend of nostalgic comedy and road film (in the spirit of Sideways)about an alt-music journalist looking for a long-lost lover starring the charming Toni Collette, Lake Los Angeles, a brutally honest portrait of America as seen through foreigner’s eyes – the final instalment of Mike Ott’s Inland Empire trilogy; Thou Wast Mild and Lovely,which screened at the Berlin Film Festival, and is an disturbing thriller by Josephine Decker starring Joe Swanberg, a 1980s throwback comedy – Michael Tully’s Ping Pong Summer, with a cameo by Susan Sarandon, the vampire farce Summer of Blood by Onur Tukel, whose film Richard’s Wedding previously charmed Wrocław audiences, as well as the visually beautiful and visionary story of Abraham Lincoln’s childhood years, The Better Angels, by A. J. Edwards, who is a student of director Terrence Mallick.

Yours truly has also been asked to DJ the closing night party.

Man, I’ve got to tell you… life is good!

And in case you missed it, we’ve got a brand new trailer:

BFE in New Jersey!

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Nice new poster!

Nice new poster!

BFE was invited to screen in Trenton for a film group. In turn, they made us this poster!


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Get a rope!

Get a rope!

Can’t wait to share BFE with our friends and family in New York City!

The Director Award!

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Portland Film Festival just awarded me with the Director Award!

Thanks Portland!

(If anyone is keeping track, this is the 4th award for BFE! We are so excited.)

2013 US in Progress, Paris, part of the Champs-Elysées Film Festival, Special Mention
2014 Sarasota Film Festival Special Jury Prize Best Ensemble.
2014 Rome International Film Festival Gladiator Award (for leading the way in innovative and creative filmmaking)
2014 Portland Film Festival Director Award

BFE is going to Georgia!

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rome laurels

In the BFE bowling alley, Randy wraps up his magnificent story by telling the fellas “That was when I was stationed down in Georgia.”

Which is ironic because now BFE is going to Georgia. Yes, that’s right BFE will be the closing night film of the 11th Annual Rome International Film Festival.

“This year’s closing night film is B.F.E. , from director Shawn Telford . B.F.E. already won over audiences at the Sarasota and Seattle International Film Festivals and is set to take RIFF by storm on Saturday, Sept. 6. Set and shot in a small Idaho town, B.F.E.shows four intersecting stories which reveal that this small town is anything but quiet.”

So excited to get back to that Southern hospitality.


BFE & Destiny City

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The inaugural Destiny City Film Festival saved a hot seat for BFE. One show only, please come check it out:

Saturday August 2, 2014 8PM at the historic Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma Washington, the original home of Destiny.


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Marfa Laurels

We are going to Tex-asss, ladies & gentlemen!

The 7th annual Marfa Film Festival happens July 2-6, 2014 in the tiny Texas town of Marfa.

On July 4th, Independence Day, BFE will screen to an audience of people who are grateful for air conditioning! And popcorn! And we couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ve also heard a little Texas bird tell us that medical grade cannabis will be partaken so that the BFE experience is experienced as if it were an actual BFE experience.

If you’ve seen BFE, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, then you should get yourself to Texas.

The full schedule is available here


Wicked Press for BFE

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I rock bolo.

I rock bolo.

Word is out, BFE is a good movie! And we’ve got the press to prove it.

Suddenly, it’s been getting a lot of coverage in the print media, which is perfect timing as the Seattle premier of our lovely, little indie is a mere 3 days away. But who’s counting? Well, to be frank, I am. Mos Def.

Moira McDonald of the Seattle Times gives BFE 3 stars and admits “It’s a raw, unprettified tale, and it haunts you afterward.”

Tony Kay of the City Arts Magazine makes some bold comparisons when he writes “B.F.E. also sports a gorgeous visual aesthetic that alternately romanticizes and lays bare the dead-end nature of suburbia (think Dazed and Confused meeting the picturesque beauty of Badlands).” Two great movies, right!? Can’t argue with that!

In addition to comparing BFE to the 2014 Sundance hit “Hellion”, the Seattle Weekly adds “Telford says his next script will have nothing to do with Idaho.” Which may or may not be true!

Then there was also a preview piece that appeared in the City Arts Magazine that nearly escaped our attention. Needless to say, we caught it and we’re glad we did because they call BFE a “Unique serio-comic sucker-punch.”

Whoa! That’s a lot of attention. And it’s certainly a relief to hear people outside of myself and my friends (most of whom worked on BFE) say such nice things about the film. We may, just may, have something really special on our hands.

Speaking of, get your tickets HERE or through the brand new BFE WEBSITE!