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Seattle Times Gives GMGS Its First Press Quote

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On the Friday before Bumbershoot 2007, the Seattle Time’s Jeff Shannon made mention of a certain short film by a certain someone whom I’m sure you know. Of course I’m talking about MYSELF! Who wouldn’t be when the Seattle Times calls your first film “an enjoyably offbeat example of unlikely romance.” Yee-Haw! That feels good!

1 Reel Says “Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter!”

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My short film “Gimme Music, Gimme Shelter” has been accepted into the 1 Reel Film Festival, September 1-3, 2007. 1 Reel is put on by the Seattle International Film Festival Group as part of Bumbershoot, Seattle’s city-wide music and arts festival. “GMGS,” as this romantic, serio-comedy is more affectionately known (in some circles,) was adapted […]

One Reel @ Bumbershoot

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Every year, One Reel, the nation’s best-attended short film festival screens hundreds of shorts films as part of the larger Bumbershoot festival. Over the years, it seem that One Reel is one of the most popular attractions at the annual Labor Day festival. Yours truly has made appearances in the past, take for instance last […]

Diary of an Eff’d up Foodie

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In addition to writing and acting and teaching and landscaping, I do just about anything for money. Anything, that is, except office jobs. And blow jobs. The latter goes wihtout saying but just so we’re all on the same page here… I call it “The Straight World”, this land of cubicles in the 9-5 and […]

48 Hour Film Festival

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Last weekend was the 48 Hour Film Festival. It goes like this: on Friday night at 7PM, teams are given a line of dialogue, a prop, a character name and an occupation. Each team then draws a genre from a hat. The teams then have until 7PM Sunday night to produce a short film. The […]

The Delivery at SIFF

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So, this year I was cast in a Fly Film. These are short films that are produced by the Seattle International Film Festival. SIFF pairs local directors with Pacific Northwest screenwriters to bring a combined vision to the big screen – and of course to keep it interesting, they have certain & peculiar requirements that […]