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Lewis Black’s ‘One Slight Hitch’

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I’ve been working on a play at ACT Theater called “One Slight Hitch” written by Lewis Black, whom you may now from his standup comedy, or one of his best-selling books or from the Daily Show with John Stewart where he appears regularly on a segment called “Back in Black.” He’s the finger-wagging, vitriolic critic […]

Come on down to the Yankee Tavern

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For the last month, I’ve had the privilege of working at Seattle’s ACT Theater, an experience that, in all honesty, is like coming home. It’s my third play at this wonderful theater and my first with writer/director Steven Dietz, yes, that Steven Dietz, who, in addition to being a terrific and articulate playwright, also happens […]

Hitting the boards at the Seattle Repertory Theater

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There’s people that do this for a living and they’re much more clever than I am, so here’s their words: “In this darkly compelling recent Broadway hit, four Irish friends gather for a card game with devilishly high stakes.” Still not hooked? Perhaps, the longer version: “In a forgotten corner of Northern Dublin, four old […]

Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

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I had been holding my breath for a while now, hoping for the next acting job. And by acting job I mean Theatre. In this town—Seattle—you just can’t get paid for film/TV. The opportunities are far and few and even the corporate/commercial work that occasionally comes to town is either non-union or non-paying, “something for […]

You can tube me @ Youtube

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During my tenure at the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, which is a bit like Special Forces Training but for actors, we wrote, produced and acted in our own one-person shows. Mainly, the idea was to promote self-producing as not many acting jobs are ever given away, so instead of sitting around waiting […]


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Ah. The joys of live theatre. Anything can happen and many times it does. Usually it’s on stage, backstage or stage related. Not tonight; it was in the audience. As you may know, I am doing The Pillowman at ACT in Seattle. Some would say a gruesome tale of violence and morbidity. Others contend that […]

Horrors imagined and real in “The Pillowman”

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Well, the reviews are in… and they aren’t saying much. The Seattle PI wrote “If there is truly any risk that stories can turn real, then Martin McDonagh is a social menace. His deliciously grim drama of a writer accused of serial killings in an unnamed totalitarian state feeds on the revolting twists of cruelty […]

Men & their pillows

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But first a word from our sponsor: The Pillowman is a disturbing and darkly funny new comedy-drama from Martin McDonagh (A Skull in Connemara, The Beauty Queen of Leenane) about a storyteller/writer in a totalitarian state whose macabre fairy tales may be inspiring a series of grisly crimes. A brilliantly bone-chilling exploration of the role […]

“I like the Pillowman. He’s my favorite.”

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I made a deal with myself: if I get cast in ACT’s production of the Pillowman, I’ll let my For-Hire license expire, rather than renew it. That means no more driving cabs, even as a fall back… The hope was that this symbolic gesture would force myself to believe in myself and show myself my […]

Shawn gets 3 Footlight Awards… well, sort of

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At the end of every year, the Seattle Times does a recap of the year in theatre, commemorating the highs and lows with fitting rewards… I mean awards. (I never win anything!) This recently deceased year—2005, two plays I worked on Red Badge of Courage and Vincent in Brixton, were distinguished as “Most Thoughtful Children’s […]