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BFE is popping it’s Oregon Cherry

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BFE is going on the road. Specifically, I-5 headed south to P-Town for the Portland Film Festival. Our paean to the small town in the new American West will screen twice: Friday August 29 8PM Sunday August 31st 2:30PM Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there?

BFE in the C-A-N

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After working a blitzkrieg of eight straight 12-hour days, sandwiched between many sleepless nights, it’s fair to say that everyone involved in BFE took the next two weeks to recover. Myself especially. It’s now safe to say that we’ve got this one… IN THE CAN! That’s very good news. Now for the bad news. Ha, […]

The Making of B.F.E.

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Well, I’m at it again: swinging for the fences; reaching for the stars; aiming for the moon; jumping over the edge. Pick your metaphor. I’m making a feature length film based on my last short “The Last Virgin” that had a lot of success both in Seattle and San Francisco where it premiered. The new […]

Do you see a Grimm future?

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Recently, I made my NBC debut on a show called Grimm, which is filmed in Portland, Oregon. You won’t know it from my two scenes in this episode but I am a beaver. The episode leaves our antics pretty open-ended which could mean that us three beavers will be back again. So far, no contract […]

I Won the Lottery, the Acting Lottery!

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Let me preempt two obvious questions about this video with two easy answers: yes, those are real pigeons and yes, the fat guy driving the Malibu (that looks to the untrained eye like an El Camino) is me, Shawn Telford. At the end of 2010, I was cast in a Washington State Lottery commercial that […]

Now on Facebook!!!

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Friends, I hate to say it but I’ve done it again. I’ve got involved with another social networking site. This time it’s Facebook. I blame Fran. She’s been bugging me to get with it. So I did. Now, it seems, I’m hardly ever over here managing, updating, obsessing over the official Shawn Telford dot com […]